Find out more about lakefront lots for sale in Manitoba
Find out more about lakefront laots for sale in Manitoba
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Public Information: Private Water System Bacteriological Subsidy Program

As of August 8, 2013, the Province of Manitoba is resuming the Private Water System Bacteriological Subsidy Program through Horizon Lab. Private water system owners are eligible to receive a once-a-year subsidy for bacteriological (total coliform and E. coli) analysis of their drinking water. If the first sample result indicates that bacteria are present in the water, homeowners will receive a coupon from the lab for one resample free of charge.

The total price to homeowners for the once-a-year subsidized sample is $18.25.

Homeowners should sample their private drinking water source at least once a year to ensure the safety of their drinking water. Results obtained through the subsidy program are shared with the province for pattern surveillance purposes.

For information regarding sample bottle pick-up, and sample submission requirements, please contact Horizon Lab directly.

Horizon Lab LTD.
4055 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3K 2E8
Phone: 204-488-2035           Fax: 204-488-4772

Provincial Water Well Fact Sheets on well testing, well disinfection, and well water contamination are available online at under “Public Information”.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Office of Drinking Water:

• General inquiries, 204-945-5762;
• Technical inquiries and guidance specifically related to private wells, 204-948-1351.

Latest Flood Forecast Update

"Duration of diversion flows will be much shorter than 2011, unless heavy spring and summer rainfall develops, and is not expected to have a significant impact on Lake Manitoba levels. Lake Manitoba is currently at 811.8 ft. above sea level (asl). With average weather, the lake is expected to peak at 812.4 ft. asl, close to its top operating range of 812.5 ft. asl and below the historical long-term average. With unfavourable conditions, the lake could peak at 813.3 ft. asl and the province has prepared for all weather scenarios." --> (for full report:


For a Map: Points of interest in Manitoba's flood fight


Here is a link to the latest news article from Scott Forbes.




Water Survey of Canada Real Time Water Data

your options will be:
  • Text Search
  • Google Map
  • My Station List
For Text Search and Google Map, you need to agree to any disclaimers and then:
  • View All Real Time Stations within: select Manitoba
  • The list of stations will appear: Select the station you want.
  • It will graph the last 7 days.You can manually change the scale or the time period, then Redraw
  • If you want Discharge click on Second Parameter and select Discharge, then Redraw
To create aMyStation List (example: you want to create a list called Red River)
  • Agree to the disclaimer
  • Click on Edit List
  • Click on Rename
  • Change name to Red River, then Save, then Edit
  • View All Real Time Stations within: select Manitoba The list of stations will appear.
  • Red River at Emerson – click on Add, click on Save
  • Red River at Ste. Agathe – click on Add, click on Save
  • Red River at James Avenue – click on Add, click on Save
  • Red River at Selkirk – click on Add, click on Save
  • Click on Exit
Note: you can create 3 Station Lists of several gauging stations in each List.
To view Station List graphs:
  • select My Station List
  • Select Red River, click on Go
  • The 4 Red River graphs on the list will appear
  • Click on any graph to enlarge

Conversion to feetx3.28084



2013 Flood Outlook

My Station Lists - Quick Graph List
Lake St. Martin & Lake Manitoba Steep Rock
  • I agree
  • Edit List
  • Mantioba
  • Lake St. Martin (add)
  • Lake Manitoba Steep rock (add)
  • My Station List

Primary Water Level - Lake Manitoba at Steep Rock (MB) - Real Time Date

  • Scroll Down
  • I Agree
  • Tabular Data
  • Conversion 1ft = .3048 m

Sandbag Cleanup after a flood

Click here for details

Recovering from the impacts of the flood. Interlake RHA are there to help and listen.

Click here to view pamphlet