Community Development Corporation
Overview of the Rural Municipality of Grahamdale Community Development Corporation

The Rural Municipality of Grahamdale Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a local economic development organization established by the Rural Municipality of Grahamdale.

The objective of the CDC is to:
  1. Operate exclusively for the sole purpose of planning, developing and promoting social and economic development in the Rural Municipality of Grahamdale, specifically attuned to generating a renewed appreciation of the rural community and;
  2. To cultivate the growth of a revitalized economy.
  3. To create an opportunity for persons, local or otherwise, to obtain employment through either working within a small business owned by others or gain entrepreneurial experience through the operation of a small business owned by themselves.  
The R.M. of Grahamdale's Community Development Corporation meets once a month and is composed of a minimum of six and a maximum of ten Directors, including two Council appointed representatives and a youth representative. 
The Board of Directors, elected annually, is as follows:
Tera Lobay (Chair)
Bev Johnson (Vice Chair) 
Kim Ostafichuk (Secretary-Treasurer)
Garry Anderson
Evelyn Gunther
Raymond Ashley 
Philip Blaine
Abbie Riddle
Anna Riddle
Amanda Artimowich (EDO)
Lana Cowling-Mason
Maretta Philippon, Council Representative
Jason Bittner, Council Representative
If you have any questions, comments or concerns pertaining to regional development, don't hesitate to email our CDC at