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Historic Site-St. Helen's Anglican Church

Historic Site-St. Helen's Anglican ChurchST. HELEN'S ANGLICAN CHURCH
Pt. NW 1/4 22-32-9w
Registered Owner:
"The Anglican Church of Canada, Parish of St. Helen, within the Diocese of Rupert's Land"
This Building depicts Churchs built in the early 1900's. St. Helen's Church was first built in 1842 and then rebuilt in 1911.
On the banks of the Fairford River, stands St. Helen's Anglican Church. It was to this place that the Reverend and Mrs. Abraham Cowley came in the spring of 1842. Traveling by cart over the prairie, then by canoe on Lake Manitoba, until they reached the mouth of the Fairford River. Here the river was lined with thick large trees, the lagoons and marshes teemed with wildlife.
On that spring day a small boy was playing along the river when he saw strange canoes coming. Quickly he darted back to where the old men were sitting by the tents and all watched the approaching canoes. When they saw the men in the canoe were pale white in color, they whispered "Manitou, Manitou".
That stranger was Abraham Cowley, sent here by the Church Missionary. This Church has been utilized by area residents for years. Click Below to View: Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 255