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We are pleased to provide you with this forum to keep you informed of local news and events from the RM of Grahamdale.
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Community Profile Visit:
Congratulations to the
RM of Grahamdale
For their development of Steep Rock Beach Park &
Cottage lots Phase 1 & 2
2008 Product Development
Award Winner
Product Development Award
WOW! One Word that sums some great
foresight and vision concerning this winner.
When opportunity knocks to make our corners of the world a better place some people step up and take on the challenge. Long term commitments to growth and development of a tourism attraction is not the work of short sighted people. Along with development of any business or attraction is all the side issues of marketing, tourism amenities, services and how it compliments other tourism venues.
To some tourists an attraction must be somewhere ELSE and not in our backyard to make it attractive & in demand. Challenges ahead for this winner - absolutely, but they are well on their way with a great start in a park development with well serviced facilities, & good footing underneath as shown by the last few years of great leadership. Private and public endeavors are in the furture spotlight with "Hands on Involvement" proving successful to date!
Community Futures West Interlake is pleased to announce that the RM of Grahamdale has been selected to receive the award at the West Interlake Celebration of Business Development.
The Recognition of the RM of Grahamdale's visionary efforts to grow and diversify the economy of the Municipality and indeed the region through tourism development. Council's commitment and investment in creating and marketing cottage lot developments and tourist amenities is a stellar example of positive community leadership.
Reeve and Council of the RM of Grahamdale
The RM of Grahamdale has long recognized that the future of the economy while remaining largely agriculture, would have to diversity. The Council of the RM of Grahamdale realized in the 1990's that our farm based economy and population were in decline (their major tax base).
The members of Council rose to the challenge and began the process of determining an alternative way of securing the existence and the future of the Municipality. Attracting tourism was the most logical option.
  • Early 1990's council acquired land from the province to create Steep Rock Park, Campground and Cottages.
  • In the later 1990's council supported the creation of the CDC and gave them an operating budget. This effort saw the creation of town pride celebrations, and lead way for development of a long term strategy for the community.
  • In 2000 RM Council began negotiations with LaFarge who owned the majority of land around the lakefront of Steep Rock, for property to develop into cottage lots and other amenities that would help attract and retain new seasonal and permanent residents. Council has since successfully started and are in the process of marketing two new cottage lot developments and are also looking to build on the success fo Steep Rock Beach for providing tourists with things to do. The cottage lot developments will help to create additional economic activity such as stores, hospitality, etc.) and will lead to much needed job creation and tax base for ongoing development of the community.